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#1 Start Here to Register and Join the PTA
Dear Valley View families.

Welcome to registration for the 2017-18 school year!
Registration for all new and returning students is comprised of 3 steps:

Step 1: Valley View FutureFund registration
Allow 10-15 minutes)

You are about  to begin this step. Here you will:
- Receive information specify to Valley View School (VVES)
- Customize how your information appear in directory
- Donate to Valley View PTAthat support our students and teachers
- Sign up to volunteer roles and distribution lists
- Print your Registration Receipt and any other document you will need to turn in at Walk-Through Registration

Step 2: "Q" Online Registration
(Allow about 10 minute per student)
Next, you will login to (Q) to update your contacts and Emergency  Card Information, as well as review and sign district required forms. You will be provided a link to "Q" when you get to the end of FutureFund Registration as a reminder.

Step 3: Walk Through Registration on August 8, 2017
To finish the registration process, parents are to come to Walk-Through Registration where you will present your Proof of Residency documents.

A few tips before you begin:
You can stop midway and finish later. just click "Save and Exit" the system will remember where you left off. Just use the link that will come to in an email.
. You can go back a page and make changes. Just click the 'Previous' button in the lower left corner.
. Once you complete each page, click 'Next' in lower right corner
. However once you've finished registration, you cannot go back in to make changes online.
. This online system only accepts credit cards and Visa/MC debt card payments.  If you would rather pay  by cash or check for any purchases or donations,don't make those sections now in Future Fund- you cabd dos that Walk-Throug, but bring several checks with you as some items must be paid separately.

Now Click 'Next' ti get started !

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