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5th Grade Parents: Outdoor Ed
5th grade parents: Outdoor Ed is a fabulous experience our students get to enjoy in 5th grade. They have been looking forward to it and now it is finally here! For the class of 2017-18, it is happening in the Spring of 2018. Our deadline to commit is October 31st. The total cost of the camp is $40,000. In order to meet this deadline we need to start collecting your FairShare donations starting NOW and all the way to the deadline. The cost to attend this fabulous camp is $350 per student. Your FairShare donation goes directly to cover the cost of your own child attending the camp, and it covers travel expenses, lodging, food and all the fun activities for the 4 days, 3 nights we are there.  Please visit this website for more information on Exploring New Horizon's Outdoor Ed camp at Loma Mar: 


It is imperative that we raise the $40,000 by October 31st or we will be forced to give up our week at the camp, not only for this class but for every other class in the future. Please do not let this happen. Donate your FairShare now and make this trip a reality for all of our 5th grade students. 

All students will be able to attend the camp, regardless of their ability to donate, as long as we are able to raise enough funds for all to go ($40,000). 

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